Make Money From Home With Affiliate Marketing

Well, Making money from home is a widely discussed topic on internet. I am talking about the same. If that sounds boring, This article might not be for you.

But, I will try to make the post as good as possible. I really want to help you earn a stable income from home in this tough time. It will let you support your family.

It always saved me. Whenever I need more money to do something, When business is not in good shape, when brother need some help, when dad need some support. Always!

So, I will explain you few valid, legit ways to make money online from home. Through affiliate marketing. I will try to include some examples as well.

Disclaimer: Don’t try everything at once. Identify what suites you best and focus on it. Once you master it, you can move to other fields as well.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular and my personal favorite way to make money online from home. It is my best source of income too.

You don’t need any product to start with. But still you get a major share of the sale. That’s the beauty of Affiliate Marketing.

How do you do that?

  1. Find a good product / service.
  2. Promote it in your network (or run ads if you are good at ads)
  3. The seller / service provider will pay you a profit share.

How do you find products?

  1. A google search might help (eg: search “your niche” + affiliate programs.) ie: search “body building affiliate program” and you will find products and services related to body building you can promote.
  2. Find products from affiliate marketplaces like clickbank.

Best Practices:

  1. Have an in-depth knowledge about the product. (I promote on products / services I personally Use).
  2. Give post sales support.
  3. Avoid promoting products which has a higher chance of refunds.
  4. Stay focused in one niche so that it becomes easy for you to build a tribe. And you can sell more products to the same people / community.

Inspiration / Ideas.

So, this is what happened to me few months back. I attended the One Funnel Away Challenge by Russell Brunson. I fell in love with the program and their platform.

One Funnel Away Challenge is a hard core training program organized by Clickfunnels team. The program is structured like a 30 Day Challenge where in which the team will make sure you understand the concept of funnel building and online sales.

They gave Clickfunnels account for 30 Days during the challenge to try it out. You can actually build a fully functional sales funnel along with the program and start making money.

I am promoting One Funnel Away for the best commissions. [This is where majority of my income comes from]

You can signup for One Funnel Away Challenge here and I shall send you some extra gigs to help you make your first few dollars. Ding!

If you have any queries, let me know! I am one email away. Haha ([email protected])

I also promote their platform, Clickfunnels for a 40% recurring commission. Clickfunnels is one of the favorite tools to build funnels. People often mistake Clickfunnels as a landing page builder. But, It’s not. It’s much more than that.


Clickfunnels helps you to build funnels with sales in mind. I am using clickfunnels to drive traffic to my deals.

The best thing about promoting click funnels is that It gives you RECURRING INCOME. Also there is a good chance people will stick on to the software.

There is a 14 Day free trial which lets you give your audience experience the platform and the software trainings for free.

Once they start using it, They will not leave. Clickfunnels is amazing! You just need your people a taste of it.

YOU CAN AVAIL A 14 DAY FREE TRIAL OF CLICKFUNNELS HERE & some cool gigs (including a high conversion funnel template worth $247) from me as well 🙂 .

If you need any help with clickfunnels, let me know! I am one email away. Haha ([email protected])

ActiveCampaign is another software which I like so much and I use it for my email marketing campaigns. I promote ActiveCampaign too. ActiveCampaign is not just an email marketing tool. It’s a high-end CRM with lot of capabilities.

It will help you understand your customers/prospects better and cater them accordingly.

And if there is any very good deal on Appsumo, I promote those.

Few weeks back, There was a Linkedin Marketing course by Vaibhav Sisinty. I found it super useful. Grew my Linkedin account super quick. I promoted his course and made some quick bucks, as well. It was super easy for me, because I had proof of my personal growth.

Now, You don’t have to promote what I promote. These are for reference & inspiration.

Now, There is a problem. How do you reach out to people?

How to promote Affiliate Products?

The bad news is Social media platforms won’t like you sharing / putting ads on your affiliate links directly. & the good news is you can tackle it in 2 different ways.

  1. Don’t use social networks. Promote your affiliate links on your own blog or youtube videos.
  2. Use a bridge page between social media and your affiliate link. Means you share link to a page which you own with link to your affiliate product.

If you are using bridge pages, you get a chance to collect their email id as well. This will help you to follow up. Sounds good?

Wrapping Up

There is a small disclaimer attached to the article. The results might not be the same with everyone. But It works for me. It worked for many. Also It will work for you.

What you need is a proper guidance and strategies. You can always reach me for any help. I am happy to help.

If you want to get a free e-book, you can get it from the Internet Lifestyle Club.

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